Maquet PowerLED II


Maquet PowerLED II Reducing visual fatigue to minimize errors with Comfort Light Stable and constant illumination Adjustment of the light patch diameter Laser positioning for optimal lighting parameters Improving OR hygiene Multiple [...]

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Maquet Volista


Maquet Volista Get a clearer view of the surgical siteMultiple light heads for your unique needsClear, consistent illumination in changing conditionsClear, consistent illumination improves patient safety, helping to deliver better outcomes.Enhanced safetyImproved performanceGreen [...]

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Maquet Lucea


Maquet Lucea Improving visibility in all hospitals departments Uniform and concentrated light patch: Better tissue differentiation (superficial and deep structure): No heat dissipation Reduce risk of cross-contamination Angled shape for easy positioning: [...]

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Polaris 100/200


Polaris 100/200 Premium surgical light with basic functions Sterilizable handle Light intensity of up to 160,000 lux 3 different color temperatures (4,400K, 5,000K, 5,600K) Endolight with 300 lux 3 selectable light-field diameters Mobile [...]

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Polaris 600


Polaris 600 Premium surgical light Sterilizable handle with intuitive touch control Light intensity of up to 160,000 lux 4 different and changeable color temperatures (3,800K, 4,400K, 5,000K, 5,600K) HD camera integrated into the [...]

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Polaris 50


Polaris 50 Also available as minor surgical light High-contrast, stable light Flexible and easy to use Light intensity of up to 60,000 lux with dimmer function Color temperature of 4,500K Mobile, ceiling [...]

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