X Series (X12/10/8)


X Series (X12/10/8) Based on its expandability of monitoring parameters, and stunning ultra-slim design, the X series fulfills your primary clinical requirements in various scenarios, including Emergency Rooms, General Wards, Rehabilitation Department, Cardiac [...]

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Elite V Series V8/V6/V5


Elite V Series V8/V6/V5 Touch screen Equipped with sound and visual alarm system on measurement parameters Suitable for ICU, with a minimum noise level Equipped with internal menus Network connectivity Elite [...]

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iM20 iSEAP™ ECG algorithm optimized for arrhythmia detection, pacemaker detection, and HR measurement SEMIP® 12-lead diagnosis algorithm with 208 kinds of ECG findings in optional 12-lead ECG configuration Perfusion Index (PI) measurement [...]


Infinity Delta Series


Infinity Delta Series Robust monitor offers hospital wide standardization throughout various acuity levels. Transport monitor requires no disconnection of leads and no gaps in monitoring. Displays parameters, advanced respiratory measurements, drug calculations [...]

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Infinity Kappa


Infinity Kappa Provides fixed monitoring at the bedside Supports all patients from adults to neonates, in all acuity levels Displays a full set of vital parameters Monitors can be networked through the [...]

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Infinity Omega-S


Infinity Omega-S Provides real-time vital signs monitoring at the point of care Brings together patient data from diverse sources – such as vital signs, labs and more 20” touchscreen display includes sturdy [...]

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