RADspeed Pro EDGE


RADspeed Pro EDGE Flexible examination with freedom in choosing body positions Fewer metal artifacts make Tomosynthesis especially useful for orthopedics applications Low exposure imaging Auto Stitching - Speed Stitch function Dual Energy [...]

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RADspeed Pro MC


RADspeed Pro MC Ceiling-mounted radiographic system Superior generator with high-frequency inverter technology Synchronized vertical movements of X-ray tube unit and bucky table Long vertical travel and smooth operability Heavy-duty height-adjustable Bucky table [...]

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RADspeed fit Plus


RADspeed fit Plus Ultra compact X-ray unit. Fits your needs for ease of use and convenient operation. Large output power achieves top-class image quality Simple operation with 432 anatomical programs Wide radiographic [...]

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MobileDaRt Evolution MX8c


MobileDaRt Evolution MX8c Positioning, exposure from any direction On-site image verification on a large LCD monitor Tools to support radiation management Designed for sterile equipment covers IP57 Waterproof High-sensitivity compact FPD for [...]

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MobileArt Evolution MX7


MobileArt Evolution MX7 Brilliant image quality based on the advanced dual focal spot size X-ray tube with an anode heat storage capacity of 300 kHU Outstanding operability and efficient workflow reliable functionality [...]

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MobileArt Eco


MobileArt Eco Well-balanced body enables easy movement and positioning at bedside High-quality imaging through a 60 kHz inverter providing consistent exposure output for shorter exposure times User-friendly supported by customer-driven design adding [...]

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