Trinias unity edition B12


Trinias unity edition B12 Crossover FPD SMART Table SMART Touch SCORE PRO Advance Real-time artifact optimization technique, "Flex-APS„ Real-time whole peripheral observation, "SCORE Chase Trinias unity edition B12 [...]

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Trinias systems for interventional angiography C16/C12/F12


Trinias systems for interventional angiography C16/C12/F12 Intelligent design delivers reliable workspace SMART Touch SCORE PRO Advance Real-time artifact optimization technique, "Flex-APS„ Real-time whole peripheral observation, "SCORE Chase„ "SCORE StentView" displaying stents moving [...]

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CardioMera budget


CardioMera budget 1, 2, 3 or 5-channel ECG Holter recording No limits in use:  free Holter software package Print-ready reports Record up to 96h CardioMera budget

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Stress Test


Stress Test Any waveform segment can be amplified and measured. Any report can be edited and confirmed. Any two reports can be selected and compared. Provë ushtrimore

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CardiUP!3 & CardiUP!12


CardiUP!3 & CardiUP!12 Holter ECG 3/12 recording channels Manual programming option Powerful, free software with printable reports Record up to 168h CardiUP!3 & CardiUP!12

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Planmed Clarity 2D


Planmed Clarity 2D Individually tailored images and ideal ergonomicsWe at Planmed are committed to designing equipment that provide the best experience for both patients and professional users. With the Planmed Clarity 2D system, [...]

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Sophie Classic S


Sophie Classic S Sophie Classic S është një sistem analog i besueshëm mamografie që mund të performojë edhe në mjediset më të kërkuara dhe siguron vlerë shtesë për investimin. Sistemi kompakt dhe i [...]

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RADspeed Pro EDGE


RADspeed Pro EDGE Flexible examination with freedom in choosing body positions Fewer metal artifacts make Tomosynthesis especially useful for orthopedics applications Low exposure imaging Auto Stitching - Speed Stitch function Dual Energy [...]

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RADspeed Pro MC


RADspeed Pro MC Ceiling-mounted radiographic system Superior generator with high-frequency inverter technology Synchronized vertical movements of X-ray tube unit and bucky table Long vertical travel and smooth operability Heavy-duty height-adjustable Bucky table [...]

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