Polaris 100/200


Polaris 100/200 Premium surgical light with basic functions Sterilizable handle Light intensity of up to 160,000 lux 3 different color temperatures (4,400K, 5,000K, 5,600K) Endolight with 300 lux 3 selectable light-field diameters Mobile [...]

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Polaris 600


Polaris 600 Premium surgical light Sterilizable handle with intuitive touch control Light intensity of up to 160,000 lux 4 different and changeable color temperatures (3,800K, 4,400K, 5,000K, 5,600K) HD camera integrated into the [...]

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Polaris 50


Polaris 50 Also available as minor surgical light High-contrast, stable light Flexible and easy to use Light intensity of up to 60,000 lux with dimmer function Color temperature of 4,500K Mobile, ceiling [...]

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