Modeli CS2100

Simple and affordable high frequency x-ray unit. With the next generation CS 2100 intraoral x-ray system, high frequency technology is more affordable than ever.

Designed for dental professional seeking ease of use and reliability, it provides high quality results for accurate and safe diagnoses. Its flexible and smart design helps meet the needs of almost any practice.

The CS 2100 system includes exposure settings for dental film and Carestream Dental’s digital radiography systems to help you optimize exposure time depending on the type of detector used. Better patient protection.

The very high frequency technology reduces the radiation exposure up to 30% in comparison with a standard generator. This system maximizes useful rays to significantly reduce levels of radiation.

Accurate images, effortlessly. The 60 kV high frequency generator provides the best compromise between contrast and image definition. Complete with a 0.7 mm focal spot, it helps you obtain sharp and contrasted images for easy diagnosis.

The new cone design facilitates the correct alignment of the x-ray tube head with the detector, and reduces the risk of cone-cutting images. Smart and flexible design. With its compact, lightweight and pleasing design, the CS 2100 system can fit into most practices. The system includes a timer, which can be mounted remotely or directly on the unit.

Four mounting positions and three arm lengths ensure that the system can be adapted to all active areas. The system offers an extensive range of accessories to help meet different diagnostic needs. Long-term peace of mind. Because Carestream Dental is the only company to engineer and manufacture the entire image chain including the x-ray tube, Carestream Dental systems are truly integrated systems with comprehensive service and support. We offer a one-year warranty on all products. You can extend the one-year warranty to a two-year warranty by registering the purchased products online.

Modeli CS2100