Modeli CS8100 2D

Discover the simplicity of compact panoramic imaging Carestream Dental is redefining panoramic imaging with the new CS 8100—the sleek and simple panoramic unit that’s ideal for everyday use.

Blending advanced, sophisticated technology in an extremely simple and compact system, the CS 8100 makes positioning easier, image acquisition faster, and higher image quality more accessible. Simply put, it’s exactly what you need to streamline your workflow, improve usability, and make more accurate, real-time diagnoses that ever.

• Perfect for everyday panoramic needs

• Effortless high-quality digital results

• Outstanding value for money

• Sleek, ultra-compact and elegant

• “Plug-and-pan” solution—easy to install, learn, and use

• Exclusive 2D+ technology.

Sharp, high-quality, artifact-free images Generate sharp, detailed, and contrasted images with the CS 8100. When combined with its high-frequency generator, the unit’s advanced Active Pixel CMOS sensor, vibration-free motion system, and 0.5 mm focal spot ensure crystal-clear image capture in seconds. With just one click, you can even enhance contrast and sharpness using our powerful artifact-free filters. Effortless high-quality results With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use imaging software, the CS 8100 makes exams quick and simple. Preset programs and automatic exposure settings reduce errors, while clear instructions help position the patient correctly. Plus, multiple anatomical programs adapt to your patients’ jaw morphology for more accurate results.

Modeli CS8100 2D